Articles and Editorials

Our membership is diverse and includes college and university professors, engineers, artists, psychologists, nurses, computer programmers, and others.

Members actively encourage rational thinking in the community by writing letters, essays, and editorials for local, national, and international publication.

Bryce Hand at Bald Mt. Tower in 2006

Above: Bryce Hand, a frequent contributor of articles and letters

Links to articles and letters on this website:

John Edward performance reviewed by David Harding and Lisa Goodlin

Review of When God is Gone, Everything is Holy: The Making of a Religious Naturalist by David Harding

Jesus Interrupted book review by David Harding.

The Evolution of Intelligent Design by Paul DesOrmeaux

Teaching Evolution to Middle Level Students
By Vince Sperrazza

Earth History scaled to a 24 hour movie spectacular
By Vince Sperrazza

Eugenie Scott Interview by Bill Busher

“Chiropractic: A 100 year struggle from pseudoscience to legitimacy,” by Mahlon Wagner, Ph. D.

“10 Clues that ‘Alternative’ Might Mean ‘Invalid'” by Janet Factor

“Expelled Review” by David Harding

“Evidence,” letter by Bryce Hand

Off-site links to articles and letters by our members:

“Nutritional Supplements: Buyers Beware” by Eva Briggs, MD, originally appeared on the website of CNY Health.

“Recovered Memory” by Lisa Goodlin, September 2002, Syracuse Post-Standard and 2002 Citizen Sane Award winner

“You Are Not Alone: Join a Skeptic Group or Start One of Your Own” by Lisa Goodlin, Skeptic Report, April 2003.