Solstice Party 2017 and January Preview

Celebrate the Solstice with CNY Skeptics


It’s almost time for the annual CNY Skeptics Solstice Party. Our hosts are the always gracious Bryce and Judy Hand. The date of the party is Saturday, December 16, and the time is 6 pm.

Feel free to bring a friend and a musical instrument. While most of us are secular humanists, we still like to sing holiday songs.

The Hands will provide turkey and stuffing, a vegetarian dish, and hot spiced cider. The rest is up to you. Appetizers, veggies, salads, desserts, wine, and beer are welcome. Email the Hands with your dinner contribution.

Bryce and Judy Hand
132 Lynn Circle
Syracuse, NY 13205

Menu So Far

Cashews & Craisins
Taco Dip and Chips
Spicy Pot Stickers
Deviled Eggs

Turkey & Stuffing
Aloo Matar (Curried Potatoes & Peas)

Veggies & Sides
Roasted Veggies
Other Veggies

Cheese Cake or something else wicked

Facts, Fake Facts, and Alternative Facts

January 17, 7 PM at the Manlius Library

CNY Skeptics welcome back Donald Siegel, the Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professor in the Department Earth Sciences at Syracuse University to talk about the hot topic of facts and fake facts.

Portrait of Don Siegel