September 2013 Meeting

“Let’s Be Friends: A Skeptic Embraces the Paranormal,” a presentation by Kitty Mervine

Kitty can’t make it to the September meeting, but we will reschedule her visit to later in our program year.

Instead, come see Bryce Hand on

The “Magic” of Crystals

Bryce Hand at Bald Mt. Tower in 2006

Wednesday, September 18, 2013, 7:00 PM
Community Room at the Manlius Library
1 Arkie Albanese Ave.
Manlius, NY 13104

About Bryce’s presentation, in his own words:

“Sorry, folks, but I won’t offer to cure your arthritis, rheumatism, or athlete’s foot, align your chakras, or tune the vibrational rates of your auras.

“Such amazing mystical and magical properties that get ascribed to crystals would be more amusing if they weren’t actually believed by so many people. But these I’ll pass quickly — however disappointingly — because there’s so much to be said and shown about the real world of real crystals.

“Those strikingly beautiful forms we call “crystals” owe practically all of what we admire to the regular arrangement of their component atoms, yet only a hundred years have passed since this became known with certainty. We’ll explore some of the mechanisms by which crystals self-assemble, ways we determine their atomic arrangements, methods for identifying different minerals, and why it is that we’re able to use a particular chemical substance (like carbon) for such astoundingly different purposes, depending entirely on its structural form.”

Bryce Hand, Ph.D., is emeritus professor of Geology at Syracuse University and a long-time member of CNY Skeptics.