Damian Allis on “A Most Unlikely Obvious Molecule”

Damian Allis on “A Most Unlikely Obvious Molecule: DNA And Its Consequences,” November 2012

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DNA is Nature’s medium of digital information storage and access from which cellular machinery produces life itself. The 60 years of advances in our understanding of DNA have run in parallel with advances in computer technology and information science, and we are now entering an age of whole-genome maps, customized diagnoses, medicines, and dosages from genetic testing, and genetic modification that may eradicate some disorders completely. From super crops to super humans, the genetic information age offers humanity many different possible outcomes. This lecture will cover some of the history, machinery, possibilities, and consequences of DNA life.

Dr. Damian Allis is a research professor in the Department of Chemistry at Syracuse University, esearch fellow with the Forensic and National Security Sciences Institute, and bioinformaticist for Aptamatrix, Inc. He contains approximately 20 billion miles of DNA.