2012 Solstice Party

The Solstice Bird is Coming!

Judy Hand with freshly baked turkey, aka the Solstice bird

It’s almost time for the annual CNY Skeptics Solstice Party. Our hosts are the always gracious Bryce and Judy Hand. The date of the party is December 21, and the time is 6 pm.

The Hands will provide turkey and stuffing, a vegetarian dish, and hot spiced cider. The rest is up to you. Email the Hands with your dinner contribution.

The menu so far:
Deviled Eggs
Rye Boat & Dip
Taco dip
Stuffed Olives

Main Course
Turkey and stuffing
Veggie curry or chili

Veggies & Salads
Scalloped Potatoes
Indian Dish
Cabbage Salad


Bryce and Judy Hand
132 Lynn Circle
Syracuse, NY 13205