Mike Affleck on “How Christians Got It All Wrong”

Mike Affleck on “How Christians Got It All Wrong,” November 2011

Listen to Mike Affleck’s talk(46 MB). The file is large; please be patient while it loads.

Our November 2011 meeting featured a talk by Mike Affleck. In his talk he discusses the following:

“Two Jewish teachers emerged at the same time and in the same place: first century Judea. They offered two very different perspectives on the same catastrophic situation: Rome’s assault on the life of the Jews. The difference in their perspective has largely been lost in the surprising embrace of the teachings of John by followers of Jesus.

“John looked at Rome’s occupation of the Jewish Homeland and made a bold prediction: God is coming, soon, to make things right. Jesus looked at the same situation and concluded that John was very nearly right, but his timing was wrong. God is not coming soon. God’s kingdom is already here. Yet the followers of Jesus nearly universally side with John. How did it happen?”