December 2010

Trees in winter by marmota on flickr

Annual Solstice Party

December 18, 2010, 6:00 pm

The home of Bryce and Judy Hand

Our annual Solstice Party will be held at the home of Bryce and Judy Hand, conveniently located in The
Valley, not far from Betts Branch Library.

The Hands will provide turkey and stuffing, a vegetarian dish, and hot spiced cider. The rest is up to you. Email the Hands with your dinner contribution. They will post the menu on the listserve as it develops. If it’s not convenient to bring something, just bring yourself – there’s always plenty of food!

  • Bryce and Judy Hand
  • 132 Lynn Circle
  • Syracuse, NY 13205

“A Winter’s Day” photo by marmota on flickr.

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