August 2009

Jeff Wagg of the James Randi Educational Foundation on Skepticism and Conjuring

September 16, 2009, 7:00 pm

Jeff Wagg

Betts Branch Library
Meeting Room
4862 S. Salina St.
Syracuse, NY 13205

Skepticism is the intersection of science and a peculiar brand of psychology known as ‘Conjuring.’ Only by understanding how we are fooled can we truly understand how to conduct experiments on individuals who claim to have supernatural powers. Learn how some simple tricks can fool the smartest people, how a a couple of teenagers fooled rooms full of scientists, and why smart people are the easiest to fool.

Jeff Wagg is a (mostly) life-long skeptic and currently serves as Communications and Outreach Manager of the James Randi Educational Foundation. With a broad experience in both science and the humanities, Jeff brings an unusual and refreshing perspective to the endeavors of skepticism, epistemology, and the human experience. He has studied conjuring with the likes of Jamy Ian Swiss and James Randi, and though he is not a magician himself, he sees the need for more magic in the world. Jeff currently resides in Richmond, VT, when he’s not on one of his frequent road trips.

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