Science Fair 2009

GSSSF 2009

Every year we send a contingent of judges to the GSSSF, the local feeder science fair for the INTEL International Science Fair, and issue special awards for students whose projects we believe merits them.

Our participation is greatly appreciated by the folks at the MOST, who are in charge of the event, and it’s good publicity for the organization. It is also a lot of fun to go out and interact with the young people of our area who have an interest in science and who one day may become scientists. I have been the head judge for many years and I enjoy it. I hope that this year we can get at least 8-10 people to be judges.

What you need or don’t need to be a judge:

1. You do not need to have a science degree to be a judge! Special Awards judges, under which CNY Skeptics fall, are not required to have a science degree. You just need to have an interest in science!

2. You do need to have a positive attitude! The GSSSF is about encouraging young people to remain interested in science. Remember, the children who participate in this event may be America’s future scientists!

3. You need give only an afternoon of your time. The GSSSF is on a Sunday in March. It usually runs from 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

Find judging information here along with the schedule. To register to be a judge click here. Fill out the contact information, select YES for Question #1, and put “CNY Skeptics” for the name of the organization.

I hope that many of you can find the time to be a part of this event.

David Harding, Vice President, CNY Skeptics